Practice Vision & Values

Thinking about your practice

Before taking the first steps towards practice ownership, it is important to determine and understand your vision for your general practice. This activity will help you to identify and focus on what is important to you as a practice owner, ie what you want your practice to look like, how you want to act and what you stand for.

Some of these aspects may even have influenced your decision to open a practice. You may have already identified gaps in the current market, or ideas of what you would like to see or don’t want to see in a general practice. Thinking about this early on in your planning phase, will help you when it comes to formulating your business plan.

What you do, how you do it and for whom?

In what ways will your practice offer anything different and/or better than any other local practices?

How are you going to achieve this? Be as specific as possible.

Core objective(s), values and beliefs of your practice:

Practice feel, character and style:

Is your ideal practice quiet and relaxing, active and energetic, or something else?

Your practice values

List five values that best describes your practice.

Your practice vision statement

Now you are ready to write your practice vision. Your vision statement should contain your practice’s purpose, objectives and values. A vision statement should be concise and no longer than a sentence or two. (50 words)

Practice Name:

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